A demon lord and a maid travel the world to run errands... and maybe fall in love!Melos & Clover is a comic about the fantastical travels and growing romance of a demon lord and a maid. Comic updates at my own pace, and style and format may vary. Going at an easygoing place to tell their story! Must be 16+ to read for suggestive and darker themes.

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Melos & Clover is made by Renee, also known as laughingbear or gelatobear! You can find more information about them on their carrd.

chibis by @miyabau

about the otp

🔥 Lord Melos

A demon lord who's moved away from home to deal with demon matters in the normal world. He seems stoic and intimidating, but he's polite and caring.

  • Melosuis Dantalion Impiyermos

  • Age: 35-40ish (in human years)

  • Pronouns: He/they

  • Height: 9-10 ft tall (also varies)

  • Birthday: January 11, Aquarius

  • Associated With: 🔥, 🐯, ☀️

  • Main Powers: Fire, shapeshifting

  • Favorite Food: Salmon

  • Voice: linklink

  • Scent: Campfire, teakwood, black tea, chamomile

  • Likes: Reading, traveling, history, large fields, sparring/training, building things, cooking

🍀 Clover

A human who somehow becomes the maid to a demon lord. Eventually, they fall in love with said demon lord! While a bit of a wallflower, she is kind and friendly.

  • Clover Burrnado

  • Age: 25ish

  • Pronouns: She/they

  • Height: 5'3"ish

  • Birthday: March 19, Pisces

  • Associated With: 🍀, 🐭, 🌊

  • Main Powers: Wind, water

  • Favorite Food: Pandan Ice Cream

  • Voice: link

  • Scent: Fresh laundry, flower meadows, seabreeze

  • Likes: Journaling, writing, the beach/sea, ocean animals, home decor, cooking

references & mini gallery

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